Ava ~ 9 months old

Ava Nichole has 2 teeth on the bottom and 2 teeth on the top. Where does the time go.....how can our baby girl already stand by herself without holding onto anything? She has strong little legs because she can squat to pick something up and stand back up again. Sometimes she just hangs out in her squat position looking like a little buddha. She will be doing yoga and pilates with mommy soon. Ava loves to dance when she hears music or a cell phone ringing. Just the other day we videotaped her dancing with Parker. She stood in her big chair, put her hands behind her head and was dancing up and down!! She has quite the personality just like her big brother. She LOVES to have us chase her while she crawls around the house. Ava gets so excited if you chase her that she stops and burries her face into the floor and squeals!! We love to see the relationship that has grown between Ava and Parker. They are so cute together. She gets right in there with him and likes to play with trucks and balls. She also likes her baby dolls and especially pushing them around the house:) Ava has expensive taste in veggies and fruit...her fav's are organic spinach and pears mixed together!