Ava ~ 11 months

Miss Indepedent~ Our baby girl is a walker and she is getting around everywhere now!! She walks fast with her little bottom sticking out! Ava is such a dare-devil (like her mom and accident prone (like her dad), which isn't exactly the best combination. She has had her share of busted lips. She has really taken to solid foods and her favorites are spaghetti, cheese and casseroles. She still loves her organic baby food mix of spinach, peas and pears. Ava loves to dance! Her signature move is bouncing up and down while holding her hands behind her ears. Ava is definitely Parker's little sidekick...she does everything he does! Ava's first family vacation was to Cincinnatti and the Newport Aquarium. She really liked standing up against the glass with her brother and looking at the sharks and other sea creatures, as well as and jumping and diving with Parker in the big heavenly bed at the Westin. Bedtime is SO EASY with Ava. She likes to drink milk and listen to "part" (short attention span) of a story and then lay in her bed and rub on her blanket. She starts squirming to get in her bed if you try to cuddle with her for too long.