10 months

Parker is starting to walk! He likes walking from mommy to daddy and then clapping for himself. Parker weighs 21 lbs. He enjoys playing "so big", giving high fives, combing his hair, and opening every cabinet and drawer in the house. Parker got his top two middle teeth this month. His favorite solid foods are carrots and spaghetti.

Summer 09 Pics

First Colts Game!!


Dinner with the fam:)

All moved in our new home!

Sparklers for Kinsey's b-day...we know we need help!

Happy 24 lil' sis

Our first walk in our neighboorhood (aunt Kinsey is good at capturing the moment)

Best buds

"where's the remote?"

Our new ride:)

9 months old

Parker Jay has quite a personality! He is learning so much everyday. Parker gets around everywhere now and gets into everything, as you can see!! We are so blessed! Parker enjoys walking up and down the couch (holding on to the side) as he searches for remotes to change the channel or the phone to call who knows who. Parker's favorite toy is his leap frog table. He likes to walk throughout the house while pushing it:)