Pumpkin Patch - 2012

Ava ~ 18 months old

Ava turned 18 months October 10th! She boasts with personality, as we knew she would.  I have NEVER encountered a child so young with so much independence and so strong willed!! She is teaching me patience, oh my!! Don't get me wrong, Ava Nichole is a sweet little girl, but this sweet and beautiful little girl is adament about what she wants!! :) Parenting books, child restraints, childproofing...ha, ha, ha!! Not with this girl!!

Ava is talking up a storm!!!
~first phrase (16 months old) "I want see"....from then on she started saying everything (2nd phrase - I want down, 3rd phrase I want milk) Now she says everything!! I want mommy, I want daddy, I want out, I want more milk, I want to eat..........
~always says please and thank you and knows when to say them:)
~ says HI to a lot of people when were out, but sometimes gives people her "I have an ATTITUDE" look":)
~ Counts 1, 2, 3 and then yells YAY! or JUMP!
~ favorite words to use are MINE and OW!

~puts some puzzle pieces in the right spot, but would rather put them in the wrong spot and then give you a look like (he, he, that's not where it goes)
~ does somersaults, jumps from the ottoman to the couch, jumping on the bed, somehow climb in her highchair with the tray on it (she may be a gymnast)
~ points to pictures in books and says the name (dog, ball, choo-choo, tractor)
~knows some animal sounds (dog, cat, cow)
~ tells us when she poops

~stealing Parker's toys and running so he will chase her
~climbing, jumping, running, galloping (it's pretty cute)
~anything Parker does, she has to do:)
~ playing dress up (especially her tutu, Parker's basketball shorts or underwear, or a firefighter hat)
~ cleaning the house down with baby wipes:)
~ coloring with and eating crayons, play-do
~ knocking down blocks
~ playing outside, digging in the dirt, throwing balls, going for walks in the wagon or pushing her babies in her play stroller
~ feeding her babies bottles and food, pushing them around the house in a stroller, changing their diapers, pats their backs and doing their hair
~flying planes around...'VROOOOM"
~helping cook or hiding in kitchen cabinets while we cook
~LOVES to hide in the dark in the pantry or closets with Parker (usually with something that glows)

Everyday is an adventure with Miss Ava and we are LOVING it!!

The things Parker says - Part 2............

"Oh, LOOK, I'm getting hair on my arms!!!" (cheesing from ear to ear)

"Those wolves are having a humping party." (meant hunting)

He told me......
"You are the sweetest thing I ever knew"
"You are my sweetest, bestest, big friend"
"Thank you my pretty mommy"
He knows how to boost my self esteem:) 

Parker got out his doctor kit and wanted to work on me.  This is our conversation.
Park- "Mommy, see this circle on my shirt? This is a button and if you push it, it takes me to people who need my help.  I am here to help.  What's making you feel bad?"

Me - "My leg hurts and I think it's broke."

Park - "No, I think you have leg-i-tis.  If you are calm and quiet while I give you these shots you get stickers.  So have you had fevers for two days? Ok, her is some medicine juice (made me drink it) and some shot juice (gave me a shot).  Now, I'm going to check your reflexes in your knees. 

Parker ofcourse says funny things to Mitch too, but Mitch doesn't write them down like I do so we forget:)