Fall 2011 - Ava 6 months, Parker 2 1/2 years

We took these photos of ourselves at Cox Hall Gardens in the fall of 2011.

Ava ~ 6 months old

It's no wonder Ava only gained one pound from her last doctor's appointment because she does not sit still....she is a busy bee!! She is only in the 30th percentile. The doctor is not worried about her, she just thinks that Ava is petite and that is fine:) Ava finally took a bottle!!!! I cried with joy because now I know she will be comfortable taking a bottle when she goes to Ms. Tania's house for daycare in a couple weeks when I go back to work. Ava is also taking bites of food now!!! She likes peas and pears, but will eat everything.
Ava is still such a joy to be around. She keeps us smiling and laughing with her new found LOUD voice....especially in stores in the checkout line! Ava's favorite things to do are getting kisses on her cheeks, spending time with her family, dancing, playing with toys with Parker, Peek-a-Boo, jumping, being tossed around, playing with anything that crinkles, and reading...I mean eating books. She really enjoys sitting with her brother in our lap to hear a story. She usually laughs, bounces, and continuously hits the book before she tries to eat it!
I think she will be getting her first tooth soon because she is gnawing on everything. The last few nights that I've been rocking her before bed she has been trying to suck and bite my face....it's so funny, almost like she is trying to give me kisses!! Ava's biggest milestone this month is SITTING steadily all by herself !!! She may be crawling soon too because she can get up on her hands and knees and rock back and forth. Her new signature move is up on her hands, one knee and the other leg straight out to the side.  Sometimes she looks like she is going to stand up.  Ava recently can go from sitting to a crawling position and back to sitting:) She is a little thing, but very strong! I actually went to go get her in her crib after her nap and she was laying on her stomach in the splits! She stood by herself for a few seconds while holding onto the piano just a few days ago. 
I could go on and on......Thank you God for a healthy baby girl!!

HaPpY hAlLoWeEn 2011

Ava ~ 5 months old

Ava is our little wiggle worm!! The girl does not sit still:) She is constantly moving those little cute arms and legs and trying to grab whatever is near her. She loves to bounce and jump in your lap or in her jumperoo. She jumps so fiercly sometimes I think the jumperoo is going to break:) Ava is still memerized by her big brother. She watches his every move with the biggest smile on her face. Ava likes to sleep on her belly with her bottom in the air...just like Parker did:) She has a girly, but loud voice and she likes to show it off. Ava still does not want to take a bottle and is not really interested in eating solid foods. She knows what she wants and when she wants it!! Two days before Ava turned six months old she sat for the first time by herself for a few seconds. The picture shows her first time sitting by hersef. Ava is a friendly baby and usually all smiles. Everywhere we go people come up to us and compliment her.