Parker has been busy!! 3 months old........

15 weeks old today:)

No more paci.....I found my thumb

Race for the Cure

Parker loves his jumperoo. It really wears him out.



Mama's boy

Hangin' out with grammes!

How precious:)

On my way to see the easter bunny.........

Mr. Personality

Just doing my curls...........

Which one of these starts my bumbo?

Mommy's favorite boys!

Out with my boys....tired after our class at gymboree

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter
"Chick Magnet"

Parker's first easter baskets! Thank you Grandma, Granne, Pops, and Aunt Melinda for all my gifts!

He's not as excited as mommy is about his 1st dyed easter egg!

3 generations

All dressed up for our first day of church together

Decorating easter eggs!

Parker likes the bright colors!

3 months old!

Parker and his buddy Zion!
3 month old birthday!
Parker is 3 months old! He now weighs almost 15 lbs 5 oz. Parker is getting his own little personality. He is smiling more and more each day. He loves playing patty cake, hippity hippity hop, listening to stories and looking at pictures, sitting in his bumbo seat, kicking his legs, sucking his thumb or whole fist, and blowing spit bubbles! Parker sleeps all night now so we are getting much more rest. :)