Celebrating Parker's 1st Birthday and Grandma's 52nd Birthday!!

Parker had the best day!!!! It was so much fun watching him enjoy his birthday:)It's amazing that Parker was born on his grandma's birthday and Christmas Eve. Grandma got Parker "T'was the Night Before Christmas" book with her voice recorded reading it to him and wrote a poem about Parker entitled "A Christmas Eve Blessing." I read about half of the poem before I was crying so much that I had to give it to Mitch to read the rest of it for us. What a special day!

Parker's 1st Birthday Party

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Happy Thanksgiving!!

11 months!

Parker is walking everywhere now!! He has 5 teeth; 3 on the top and 2 on the bottom. Parker loves playing with Bishop. They take turns stealing each other's toys, although Parker does bring Bishop his bone and toys too:) Parker is learning so much everyday. He puts up his pointer finger to say he's one! We are practicing for his first birthday! He thinks it's hilarious to bark like dog when you ask him what a dog says. Parker loves to dance anytime he hears music!!