Ava ~ 5 months old

Ava is our little wiggle worm!! The girl does not sit still:) She is constantly moving those little cute arms and legs and trying to grab whatever is near her. She loves to bounce and jump in your lap or in her jumperoo. She jumps so fiercly sometimes I think the jumperoo is going to break:) Ava is still memerized by her big brother. She watches his every move with the biggest smile on her face. Ava likes to sleep on her belly with her bottom in the air...just like Parker did:) She has a girly, but loud voice and she likes to show it off. Ava still does not want to take a bottle and is not really interested in eating solid foods. She knows what she wants and when she wants it!! Two days before Ava turned six months old she sat for the first time by herself for a few seconds. The picture shows her first time sitting by hersef. Ava is a friendly baby and usually all smiles. Everywhere we go people come up to us and compliment her.