The things Parker says - Part 2............

"Oh, LOOK, I'm getting hair on my arms!!!" (cheesing from ear to ear)

"Those wolves are having a humping party." (meant hunting)

He told me......
"You are the sweetest thing I ever knew"
"You are my sweetest, bestest, big friend"
"Thank you my pretty mommy"
He knows how to boost my self esteem:) 

Parker got out his doctor kit and wanted to work on me.  This is our conversation.
Park- "Mommy, see this circle on my shirt? This is a button and if you push it, it takes me to people who need my help.  I am here to help.  What's making you feel bad?"

Me - "My leg hurts and I think it's broke."

Park - "No, I think you have leg-i-tis.  If you are calm and quiet while I give you these shots you get stickers.  So have you had fevers for two days? Ok, her is some medicine juice (made me drink it) and some shot juice (gave me a shot).  Now, I'm going to check your reflexes in your knees. 

Parker ofcourse says funny things to Mitch too, but Mitch doesn't write them down like I do so we forget:)