The things Parker says.............

Parker - "Daddy, only mommy's can put kids in timeout"

Parker - "You're my best friend ever"
Mommy - "Aww, you're my best friend ever"
Parker - "mommy (he looks up at me)Happy Father's Day"

He pronounces his c's as t's.
Parker - "Baby sissy is tute"

Parker is trying to get Bishop to come up stairs. Parker - "tome on Bishy, tome on Bishy, Bishy, I NEED to tell you something"

Parker - "God should get a slide and come down here"

I came out in my robe. Parker - "Oh mommy, you look like a princess"

We tried to explain to Parker about making a wish in the fountain at the mall. He made his wish, threw in his penny and then we tried to walk away. Parker stopped and said "no, STOP, I want to wait for the lion to come out."

Mitch - "Parker you do not say the F word, that's not a nice word.......
Parker - "Daddy, you can say F word, you just can't say F***

A couple days later Parker woke up from nap and told Mr. Reggie (babysitter's husband) "We don't say F***"

Parker "mommy, you have scratchies on your legs, it’s really scratchy for hands!" (guess it's time to shave)

Mommy- "Do you want to watch Octonauts Great Algae Escape?"
Parker - "Yes, algae means you have a booboo. You wipe it off and then you put a band-aid on it."

Mamma dropped his chalk on the floor and it broke. Parker - "Oh, Mamma, look at that mess"

Doctor told Parker to touch the floor as part of his physical to check motor skills. Parker - "Well, actually the floor is dirty"

In the checkout lane at Target loud enough for the cashier to hear - Parker - "Mommy she has boobs like you"

Making every excuse not to go to bed....
Parker - "you forgot to change my diaper"
"I pooped"
"my belly hurts"
"my penis and butt hurt......and mommy and Ava have ginas"