Ava ~ 8 months old

The speed crawler and Ms. Social......this girl can get where she wants to go and quick and she is always getting someone's attention!! Ava is always right behind her brother and other children trying to do everything he does. When she is going for somewhere she is not supposed to be like splashing in dog water, she crawls quickly and looks behind her to see if we are coming. Ava enjoys playing with baby dolls, trucks, and trains. Eating baby food is still not Ava's favorite thing to do....but she enjoys eating puffs and likes pears and oatmeal with cinnamon. She has accomplished so much this month:) Ava can pulls up to standing and plays right along with Parker (who is doing pretty good sharing his toys:)) Although her first word was mama:)she now uses it all the time. She also says bub, bub and dada. She plays peek-a-boo by putting her bib or blanket over head and then pulling it down when we say peek-a-boo...SO CUTE!! Anytime she hears music or even a cell phone ringing....she is dancing and clapping her hands. Mamma taught her how to play patty cake and she claps her own hands anytime we start singing. Ava got a wooden elephant push toy/walker for Christmas and she pulled up to standing, pushed it and walked behind it on her own on January 4th!! She lets go of what she is holding onto sometimes and stands for about 5 seconds!! Ava enjoyed Christmas.........she loved unwrapping her presents and eating the paper!! Ava's little smile is so cute with her 2 teeth on the bottom that came in last month, and one tooth popping out on the top:)