7 months old

This has been a big month for mama as I like to call her:) Ava's first word was mama!!!! Her second word was dada!! Ava got her first two teeth, both on the bottom in the middle. She also started crawling and she is everywhere.............trying to keep up with her big brother. She crawls just like Parker did......dragging one leg out to the side...it works....Ava's personality is blossoming and it's fun to see more and more each day. She is definitely a people person.....she loves being nosy and smiling at everyone. We think it won't be long before Ava is walking because she is already trying to stand from sitting position. She constantly has her hands and feet on the floor with her little tush in the air! Ava has a fake cough that she performs for us and she thinks it is so funny:)