Ava ~ 1 Year Old


Our baby girl enjoying running around the house on Easter Day
 <> This was all Parker's idea!! They love the dress up bin!!
She is either pushing around Parker, a basketball, screwdriver, or dinosaur!!

Enjoying playing outside at Granne and Pops
Cheering for Parker at his soccer practice!

Ava is such a fun little girl!! She has an outgoing personality that lights up any room. 

* playing and jumping from her big chair
* singing songs and dancing
* clap to "If You're Happy and You Know It"
* carry around shoes, bags, and purses
* put on anything as bracelets
* helping us vacuum using Parker's mini Dyson (we have to get one for her too)
* stand inside her elephant push toy instead of pushing it
* sleeps with her crib full of animals (came in to get her and she had covered up her bear and was patting his back!)

* blows kisses and blows kisses
* raises her hands up when you ask her how big she is
* MOCKING - she LOVES to follow Parker around and do exactly what he is doing
* stacks 3 or 4 blocks (she'd rather know down Parker's blocks and then laugh- little stinker)
* climbs up and stands on stool to wash her hands
* pets and feeds the doggy

Anytime Ava is upset Parker is always there to help her feel better with kisses, hugs and pats.  She is blessed with a caring big bro! Ava is learning from her sweet big brother how to be a sweet little sister and console her brother.  The other day Parker was crying because he had to give a toy back to Ava that he had taken away.  Ava walked over to Parker, bent over and gave him a kiss.  It was so PRECIOUS!! First time she has intiated a kiss and she knew that he needed one:) She pats his back now too.  We absolutely love watching Parker and Ava interact and see how they've developed their special bond.