Cincinnati ~ First Family Vacation the Four of Us~

We visited the Newport Aquarium and stayed in downtown Cincinnatti in April. It was our first little vacation as a family of four!! The kids loved seeing the sharks, sea turtles, and other sea creatures. The best part of the aquarium was the feeding show. After the feeding show all the kids got to sit upclose to the aquarium to see all the fish. We got to pet starfish, sharks, and crabs. Parker was surprised to see sea otters too and enjoyed racing the penquins as the swam back in forth across a big aquarium. After the aquarium we hung out in a neat area in Newport where we ate dinner outside at Bar Louie, had balloons made by a clown and then enjoyed ice cream before driving over the bridge to Cincinnatti. When we got to the Westin in downtown Cincinnatti Parker helped Mitch pull the luggage inside to the front desk. He is such a strong little guy:) As soon as we got to the room we got dressed in our swim suits to go swimming in the indoor pool. It was such a good time to watch Ava and Parker run around the room in their little swimsuits and jump and dive on the huge heavenly bed. The pool was freezing cold so Ava and I mostly watched Parker and Mitch act crazy in the pool. We only have three pictures from the vacation because unfortunately not long after we got back our hard drive that had all of the pictures saved malfunctioned and we lost all of the pictures. These pictures just happened to still be on the camera. I want to remember Parker and Ava sitting together watching the sea creatures. I also want to remember Parker standing in front of a glass circle facing the aquarium and holding onto Mitch's neck. Hopefully this will help us remember our great time on our first vacation together.