Ava ~ 3 months old

Ava is the sweetest little baby!! She is happy most of the time and a joy to be around. She is so intriqued by her big brother.....she loves to watch his every move. He loves entertaining her so it works out well. Parker also likes to help out when Ava is upset by pushing her in the swing, laying beside her on her mat, or singing to her. I think they are going to be the best of friends. Ava can hold her head up steadily now and the girl is full of smiles! She laughed for the first time this month! On July 19th she rolled from her belly to her back. Ava likes to talk, coo and make noises...she talks back to us:) She is a daddy's girl and a mommy's girl. She likes for us to be constantly holding her which is okay with us since we know how fast the time goes by and soon we will be looking back at these pictures wondering how our baby girl got so big so fast. We have to keep a bib on Ava at all times because she is the biggest slobber bug....she loves to eat her fingers....sometimes we wonder if she is teething early. Like her big brother Ava likes to cross her feet and occassionally play with her ears while she is eating. Reminds me so much of Parker when he was a baby. Like her daddy did when he was a child she rocks her head side to side to soothe herself to sleep. She is a good sleeper....we put her in her bed awake and she goes right to sleep. Like her mother....well, Ava looks so much like my baby pictures and mamma says she has the same personality as I did as a baby...sweet, smiling, and always happy.