Parker Jay is 1 1/2!!

Parker turned 1 1/2 on the 24th! He is growing up so fast. Parker weighs 27 lbs now and is 33 inches tall. He is in the 60th percentile. Parker is constantly getting laughs with his silly looks. He understands the meaning of no and enjoys saying it as much as possible throughout each day. His famous move is throwing up his hands, squinting his eyes, and shaking his head no when you ask him something. It's pretty funny!

Parker's first phrase was " I want that" and his second phrase was " what is that?". It's amazing how much he learns each day! Parker said " I love you" back to mommy yesterday. He also says I want dada and I want milk. He says yum, yum when something tastes good. He says please and we are working on thank you. He constantly mocks us so we really have to watch what we say now. He mocks us as we count to 5 and tries to put up his fingers as we count.

Parker loves to dance, swim, play outside, push his cars around the house, help us plant and water the flowers, play with stickers and jump off of everything. Parker's favorite toy is his little plastic horse. He carries it around everywhere. He pretends he is giddying up all the time, especially when he sees a horse or any animal that resembles a horse:) When Parker wants out of bed he yells Mama and Dada! He's mastered turning the TV on and off with the receiver and thinks it’s hilarious! He stands by the TV and turns in on then dances and then turns it off……..Parker likes puzzles and can place the shapes in the right place. He places a shape in the puzzle and if it doesn’t fit he says no and moves to a different place until he finds the right spot. Parker loves animals and knows several animal's and theie sounds…monkey, horse, dog, duck, sheep, cow. He also knows several of his body parts..feet, toes, leg, knee, penis, belly, arms, elbow, muscle, hands, fingers, ears, eyes, mouth, teeth, eyes, head and hair (says some of them, but can point to all of them.

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