Spring is here!!!

As I've said one hundred times, Parker is HILARIOUS!! I think he may get funnier by the day. I don't know how many times I've walked in somewhere and someone has told me how big of a flirt he is. His new thing is to get someone's attention by looking at them out of the corner of his eye, then he'll give a little smile and look away to do it again. Parker turned 16 months on April 24th. He weighs about 25 pounds and has 9 teeth....4 in the front on the top and bottom and one molar. His favorite things to do right now are flirting, being outside, putting stickers on everything, playing ball, running from or chasing Bishop, reading books with mommy and daddy, and playing cars. Parker has a new dance move. It's standing, while moving one knee in and out....hard to describe, but very cute. He's like a little old man sometimes. He is growing up so fast. He can feed himself with a spoon, although he makes a pretty big mess. It's so cute to watch him climb up his step stool to wash his hands or brush his teeth (with help of course:)). Parker is all boy and he has the bruises and scratches to show it. Parker's vocabulary consists of many more words now......mama, dada, nana for banana, g??ma for grandma, nini for Kinsey, bye-bye, hi, car, dog, baw for ball, dow for door, NO, milk, and many other words some being in other languages.........Parker is very interested in books and enjoys pointing to objects in the book. His favorite objects to point to in real life and in books are cars, birds, dogs, and balls. The boy knows his anatomy:) He can show you his belly, eyes, ears, nose, hair, mouth, teeth, and feet. I think I've written enough to help us remember exactly how he was at this age.:) We're not sure how the time goes by so fast, but we are enjoying every minute of it.

16 months

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