Parker's 1st Month

Parker is changing and getting bigger by the day! At his 4 week doctor appointment he already weighed 11 lbs 6 oz. Parker smiled his first real smile when he was 4 weeks old when mommy was talking to him and being silly. Parker loves to play with his wiggle worm gym, taking baths, shaking his soccer rattle, staring at lights, pulling at his hair, looking in mirrors, being walked around the house in his baby bjorn, and looking at faces. He especially loves getting kisses from mommy and daddy. He gives us a smile from ear to ear when we kiss him on the lips. He likes listening and dancing to rap music, going up and down the stairs, riding in the car and screaming when he is upset.

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Jess said...

He is absolutely adorable!! He looks like a happy, healthy little dude. Good work, mom and dad!